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In the course the methods that will be used are action methods, group discussions, group analysis, pedagogical drama, sociodrama, co-operative learning, creative arts and lots of humour, peer support, exercises and excursions.

Teaching social skills is difficult with traditional methods e.g. lecturing and cathedral teaching. When speaking about the social skills it is much to do with interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

It is much easier to teach social skills when using the active learning methods which help to reach the emotions and name the emotions. The action method exercises helps to get to know each others, removes the tension, releases the atmosphere, removes aggression, helps to express emotions, develops positive qualities, develops senses, refreshes and gives variation, gives possibilities to participation, teaches new things, increases knowledge and skills, helps in finding ones own skills and talents, gives self-confidence, gives insights and are exciting and gives pleasure.

During the methods used in the course it is also possible to observe and improve the group process, safety in the group, the roles in the group, the group spirit, team building and the co-operation in the group etc.


After the exercises are done it is important and also easier, to reflect the experience: what happened and what does it mean to the individual and to the whole group. This analyses and reflection will be done always after each exercise / method.


When using all the methods introduced in the course there has to be a true respect for everyone’s uniqueness and also that everybody has a possibility to behave creative way and spontaneously; everybody has a possibility to do something new, better, more creative than before.